Subject: Re: Airline food

I prefer that the airlines offer a free meal. That gives me options in the event I want to take my own. Too many times I'm either changing planes with not even enough time run to the ladies room much less buy a carry-on meal. Or I'm flying after leaving a business meeting and buying a meal someplace is impossible.

I don't like the idea of the airlines selling food, it makes the whole thing too complicated. I've heard of the airlines running out of choices, etc.

IMO, just charge an extra $3-$5 per ticket and keep them "free".

Candice NYC

BTW, when I fly on BA's Biz Class from NY to London on the overnight flight, BA offers a great hot dinner in the airport lounge so that passengers can board the plane and go right to sleep. I never see anyone in Biz Class have dinner, but we all want breakfast!