Subject: About Romania
Hello Ziners,

I will try to write a brief log about Romania where I've just returned from my vacation:

Despite of the general perception that Romania is very poor and unsafe, when you are there this false idea dissipates immediatly. That's because you'll find Bucharest a true European city

You'll see more Mercedes-Benz cars than in any European city, an intense cultural life (excellent museums, opera, concerts, live music in bars, shows in restaurants etc.), a Latin atmosphere which will make you dizzy, very elegant people all around you, the most beautiful women, a spirit of "living la vita loca".

And because Romania is not yet in the European Community, everything is cheap and very affordable for somebody coming from West. I had the big chance to see live Angela Gheorghiu (the best opera soprano at this moment who never performed in Romania since her debuts in 1994 with Traviata which in fact was the most sensational debuts in operatic history I skied in Poiana Brasov, a beautiful resort I visited one of Dracula's castles, Bran Castle and I experienced agro- turism in Poiana Marului where I paid 25 Euro per day for accommodation plus 3 meals, all in a genuine traditional Romanian country-style. The food was absolutely fantastic and the hospitality outstanding.

I think Romania is a paradise for foreigners and I encourage everybody to go visit it. I can also suggest an itinerary because I'm Romanian and I lived there 36 years until my emmigration in Canada. Thanks for "listening"!

Paul Chatham, Canada