Subject: Re: First travel experiences
Good morning Ziners-

Even though my family drove in a trailer to Colorado a few times from Indiana when I was a kid... My first travel experience as an adult really gave me the bug. As a college student at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, I signed up for a summer program in Florence, Italy. I was studying Art History, so that was the "excuse" I had for going! Who needs an excuse to travel to Italy?! The art, the food, the wine, the people... need I continue?! It wasn't just the countries that I visited that summer, but the fact that it was the first time I was traveling alone. Sure, I met people and traveled a bit with them, but I was really on my own. It was that experience of gaining self-confidence, meeting wonderful people from all over the world, and realizing that we all want the same basic things from life that started the ball rolling. After Florence, Italy (for 6 amazing, life changing weeks), I traveled to Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, England and back to Luxembourg, where my flight back home departed from.

And now, 19 years later, I travel for a living and maintain my Art appreciation in other aspects of my life. You never know where your travels will leave you.. most often than not, it changes your life!

Jenni in Chicago