Subject: Re: Hong Kong in late March???
Hi Frank, Late March can be a pretty good time in HK. It's after the "cold" season and before the rains and heat come. It can sometimes be foggy but...hopefully not this year!

I believe you'll find a lot I've written about my adopted home in the archives but... my major recommendation is, after exploring the normal sites, get out of the city, away from what tourists usually assume is ALL of HK (ie. insanely busy streets & sidewalks, 'forests' of skyscrapers, beautiful harbour) and come out to the other side. This includes green rolling hills (super hiking), hundreds of easily accessible islands (great boat trips), and fascinating rural culture (old abandoned villages and ghosts from the Occupation days). 74% of HK is actually green parkland - but it's the best kept secret in Asia!

Hope that we can have a GTG when you are here - preferably at the start of your trip so that I can help answer questions and give you some assistance.

In the meantime - "shout" if you have specific questions, I'll be happy to answer.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong

From: a_elbert Date: Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:31am Subject: Re: Visa for Iguazu Falls?

Hi, Joel,

As I know there is no any need for the Visa, especially if you enter for one day only. I'm planning to do the same in March.

I'd not recommend you to organize anything with travel agency. You can book any hotel you will independently and a visit of any park can be easily done on your own - there is a good public transport and taxis; the paths inside the parks are very well marked. Boat excursions can be easily hired there. Here are the links to the Argentinian and Brazilian parks: and to the Itaipu project:

Enjoy, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel