Subject: Re: Adriatic
Hi Leota!

Let's see, my husband and I took the train from Venice through Trieste to Slovenia and Croatia in October 1999. Made accommodation arrangements before hand and tried to whatever tours were around after we arrived. Actually, at Ljubljana, took the local bus to Lake Bled where we spent the day, having a wander, as the Aussies say. Had trouble finding local tours outside of Zagreb but then it was winter; they didn't have many tourists then. Stayed at the Best Western Slon hotel in Ljubljana which was up a bit on my food scale. Stayed at Pension Jagerhorn, Iiice 14 (385-1-4830-161) in Zagreb which was conveniently located near the funcular to the upper town and next to the world's best pastry and ice cream store. Very comfortable and very nice. As I recalled, hotels were under $100/night for the two of us with good buffet breakfasts.

Three years later, on an impulse, we flew to Dobrovnick forseveral days over Christmas. Arranged hotel over the net: stayed at the Hotel Lero. Charge wa s sometime like $50 a night including breakfast and dinner. Pretty basic food, but who could argue. Again, we did arrange for a tour of the area - there was just us - and spent the rest of them time "having a wander" for there was a lot of tourist-action over Xmas - which is why resorts there over really good deals during the winter!

I've found Kompas to be helpful with former Yogoslavia countries, both in Canada and Zagreb; suggest try a Google search.

Slovenia Tourist office is: ; Croatian tourist office: or 800-829-4416; Albanian info can be obtained at

I am going to Albania and Macedonia in July but with an Explore tour. Contact for information on what they have going. It's a basic small travel group on the budget scale.

It sounds like you are biting off a lot for one trip. However, I do love the area and keep going back. Want to get to Sarajevo sometime this year. As you see, I do have to do my explorations in degrees as the cat will not allow me to be gone more than three weeks! Harsh taskmaster!

Cheers! Jo