Subject: Re: Germany in March
Hi Tom,

Oh well, I am not that good in museums as I maybe should be lol. In Munich the one museum I know is the technical one, called "Deutsches Museum". The biggest and most famous one of that kind in Germany I daresay. Another museum I was once in is the Stadtmuseum. But I did not visit the normal exhibition, when I was there they had a Hitchcock festival and showed great short movies of him. Maybe this would be something for the evening then, too, depending what is on when you will be there. Same thing with the "Deutsches Museum". They have a planetarium where you can find out about stars and space, but they also show other things in there. I once saw a nice Pink Floyd show in the evening.

In Berlin there is a whole (small) island with museums, one of them the Pergamon you mentioned. I was there almost 20 years ago, so I can't really comment about them today. Two years ago I visited the Jewish museum... which was ok. But I have to say, I was mainly interested in the architecture (always something I look for).

What would be must for me is the Reichstag (now the German parliament) with an interesting history AND an interesting architecture now. Even though you probably have to queue for it. And then everytime I am in Berlin I try to enjoy the different sides of the town. Like the big alleys of the communist era, the new "palaces" of the different countries, the villages (real villages) in the suburbs, the Hackesche Höfe in the center of Eastern Berlin, where you can eat and enjoy the nice architecture.....

Baerbel (near Stuttgart)