Subject: Re: Manzanillo
Hi Boz:

Manzanillo is a Mexican favourite of mine. Clean unspoiled beaches all along the coast, fresh-caught seafood, lots of great fruit, friendly unimposing locals. Not a place for inveterate shoppers - although there is some nice leather and a few crafts available. Manzanillo proper is hilly, great views and winding streets. Golf too - a but expensive, if I recall correctly. Santiago used to be a laid-back village on a very pleasant beach. Go along the coast to the market at Barra De Navidad (another good beach).

I don't remember a volcano, but (dare I say it?) there was an earthquake there about 15 years ago. No - it's NOT a common occurrance! Seniors from Victoria BC who winter there regularly are affectionately known as, "The Friends of Barra De Navidad" because of their tremendous support to all their local friends there. Plan to go inland to Colima if you like interesting, quaint, unspoiled colonial cities. Friends just returned from 10 days in Manzanillo and agreed with my enthusiasm. One was heard to mutter:"Remind me - Why are we going home?"

Ursula Cloverdale, BC