Subject: Re: Advice on Rome
Ciao Ziners,

The cheapest way to eat is to visit one of the many rosticcerias that offer great take out foods and have a picnic for lunch. Many hotels offer a modest (by American standards) breakfast that is adequate. Most important try to wander five or six blocks from the tourist centers. For example, two years ago we had a lunch for two, including wine, for 8 Euros about 1/2 hour walk from the tourist centers of Rome. The restaurant was filled with Italians, we were the only English speakers there and had to depend on my pathetic Italian and the kindness of the waiter to get us through The same lunch near the tourist center would easily have been 50% more.

I found dress in Rome to be mostly sytlish, dark colors for the men and nice stylish clothes for the women. You can't go wrong if you are wearing black. Jeans, sweatshirts, T- shirts, baseball caps and running shoes all scream "American Tourist". I ended up wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt and was actually mistaken for an Italian on two occasions (All my ancestors are Italian so that helped also).

Paul Near Seattle