Subject: Re: Travelling and pets

While we would rather not have a 14 pound Dachshund (he was a left-behind from our son who no longer can take care of him because of work, etc.), we have included him in our travels. He is fine as a carry on pet on airlines. He's flown to NY a number of times. Recently we brought him with us to the Bahamas and that wasn't much of a problem either. It just comes down to having the right health certificates for the area you going to. When in the US we travel by car and rent pet friendly apartments, villas, etc. or we travel by RV and then it's no problem because he's just as happy on the RV as anywhere. His only requirement is that we're around. Up until last year we had a Nanny for him when we left the country. She would stay in our home with him for the length of our trip. She no longer is available so we're planning a trip to Europe and will take him. There are many books and web sites for pet friendly accommodations so there is always a great deal of help out there. A little planning ahead and we have little or no problems. But that's us!

Regards, Jane, Boca Raton