Subject: RE: Need advice of air travel to Australia
Hello Reuven:

I just returned from 3 weeks in Australia and am delighted that you are planning to visit. I loved it!

I flew Qantas: Toronto to LA on American Airlines as a Qantas partner and LA to Sydney on Qantas. I flew to Hong Kong on Qantas on my way home and then HK to Toronto via Cathay Pacific. I can#t say enough good things about Qantas! The 14 flight from LA to Sydney was not nearly as terrible as everyone would have had me believe, nor was the 9 flight from Sydney to HK thanks to great service and attitude on Qantas. (No, I don#t work for Qantas AND yes, I was in coach.) You may want to factor #service# into your #value# calculations for long-haul flights.

We got a very reasonably priced flight from Sydney to Cairns on Virgin Blue and then worked our way back down the Queensland and NSW coast to Sydney via Greyhound with mini Aussie passes. Now THAT#S an experience!

Lesley Toronto, Canada and would rather be back in Oz