Subject: Re: Adult Study Abroad
Karen of frosty Virginia,

I can't offer you specific advice regarding art or history classes in Italy.

However, during last year I spent a month in Prague studying the Czech Language, which I booked through Cactus Language of the UK, which does deal with some older students - 30 year olds in my case.

While I have spent a lot of time in Prague previously (including a short period working there) I found the month there to be very informative and educational, not just in terms of learning a new language but also in terms of seeing one of my favorite cities in a different light and make some new friends, including locals.

Whilst there, I stayed in a newly opened pension close by to where I was studying. On the same floor was a larger apartment which was rented out to three Americans who were in Prague for a three month period as part of their architecture studies. During this period we became friends and we are still in touch today. This was an educational period for all four of us as they had not left North America previously (I have travelled extensivly in Europe and have visited the US) and I was keen to learn about the US and US attitudes to Europe. I do not think we would have got on so well had we been staying together for a shorter period.

In a nutshell, while I have not directly answered your question - I do encourage you to partake of some adult education overseas. It helps you see the place you visit in a different light from the two-week-tourist-trip and you might well make some new friends.

A fulfilling experience. Go for it!! Mark Sukhija, in snowy Zuerich