Subject: Re: London
Hi Harriet,

wow... you make me dreaming. London is my favorite city ever. And I think I will ever find things to do there, no matter how often and how long I am there. So here some random thoughts.

I never used these things in London, but in other cities. There are open-top-busses touring all day thru London on a defined route where you can hop-on-hop-off at the usual tourist sites. Usually they also have some taped comments or even a guide in person on the bus. This might be an idea at least for one day to get an overview and have easy means of transport for getting from one tourist point to another.

Otoh - part of the fun being in London is using the underground. *g* Get a map and learn the colors of the lines - it is not that difficult and as I said, somehow fun (if you don't have to use it in everyday life i guess).

Of course there are many obvious things to do. Parliament houses, Westminster abbey, Downing street, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square, St. Paul's cathedral, Temple (where the solicitors have their offices), Shakespeare's Globe, Tower bridge, Tower (I loooove the "beefeaters" as guides), Docklands, Hampton court, Kew gardens, Greenwich......

Then add an immense variety of museums, markets, shopping facilities (whereas Harrod's is also kind of a sightseeing point *g*), and last but not least theatres. It's always too much too choose from. ;) Oh, forgot Royal Albert Hall e.g.

Something I want to do the next time I'm in London is eating at the Books for cooks. A book shop only for cooks. Where you can get a meal in a very cosy (but not luxurious) atmosphere among the books. Everyday a good cook is there to try out something from the books. Reservation necessary.

Just opposite on the other side of the street in Notting Hill is the travel book shop which is famous from the movie "Notting hill". And next to it a whole shop for garden books.

Another topic not to forget in London is architecture. From the historical buildings to the buildings made for the millenium (and the London eye) or even after it. The Tate modern e.g. or the new inner court of the British museum.

I think... I have to stop now or my whole evening will be dreaming of London... *g*

Baerbel (near Stuttgart)