Subject: Re: London
Hi Harriet,

Also my favourite city, London is easy to navigate on the tube and the busses are fun too. Go on the top of a double decker!

I am adding my history recommendations. The Museum of London at the Barbican is a wonderful place to get the feel of how London has changed since Roman times. It's not usually on most people's lists of the main museums but it's not as big as the British Museum or Victoria and Albert and much more manageable. The big places are great but it's overwhelming too.

The Tower of London was already recommended and i add my cheers to that. The price of admission is a bit steep but you can get a guided tour and there's lots of things to see there. You could be there all day if you wanted.

The Globe Theatre museum is very interesting too, on the South Bank. It's a recreation of an open top theatre from the 1600's. The museum is small but interesting and you can get a tour of the theatre and hear how it was made in the same way and with the same materials as it was 400 years ago.

Yes on Little Venice but the boat tours are up Regent Canal not the Thames. You can get off in Camden where there are lots of markets, lots of local colour too. Far more interesting shopping experience than Oxford street.

London Eye is great, but you can also go up the bell tower of Westminster Cathedral near Victoria Station for a couple of pounds for a different point of view. Another place is a balcony on the 6th floor of the Oxo tower on the south bank. Good views closer to the City center.

Diane Halifax Nova Scotia