Subject: SAO PAULO Airports - Need Quick Answer!
Hi Ziners,

Need some help here. Our flight home from South America leaves Sao Paulo's GRU airport and we need to fly from Rio to Sao Paulo before that booking a one way ticket.

There are two airports in Sao Paulo - GRU and CGH - and we need to get to GRU, however, the flight times that are convenient to us are to CGH.

My question concerns getting from CGH airport in Sao Paulo to GRU airport in Sao Paulo.......

Can we take a taxi between the 2 airports? Any idea of the cost and how long it takes? Can we trust getting into any taxi? I think there are shuttle buses, however, we'll have a lot of luggage and really want this to be easy. Often buses leave you off at inconvienent places, etc.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks, Candice NYC