Subject: Re: Greece tour
Dear Frans,

I propose you to make individually (fly and drive) that trip and avoid any organized/group tour. Travelling with a group you will see only the basic and you will miss many interesting places. You donít write how much time you want to spend in Greece, but I suppose that a minimum of 15 days is necessary to visit Athens and Peloponissos not in a harry. 6-7 days must be spent in Athens, especially if this is your first trip to Athens,

Acropolis and its museum, Ancient Agora and its museum, Thission, our National Archeological Museum (which is a MUST and you need more than 5 hours to see only the most important exhibits), Museum of Cycladic Art, Benaki Museum, National Gallery, Christian-Byzantine art museum are among the places you have not to miss. I'd like to propose the official site of the Greek ministry of culture, where you can find in details accurate information on the historical - archeological places of Greece:

To taste a little the modern Athens, you can go to Plaka, to Piraeus, to Glyfada area.

While in Athens you donít need a car. You can easily travel with public transportation media (metro, busses, tram, trolley-busses).

And while you will be in Athens, would you like to organize a GTG?

An important information: The Greek Easter is at 1 of May that year, so until 8 May many hotels in Peloponissos will be fully booked. Itís better to come after 8 May in Athens (where you need to pre-book a room at an hotel). I now have some suggestions about Peloponissos. You can rent a car in Athens and drive to Peloponissos. Itís only 1 hour of driving until Corinth.

After 8 May you donít need to book earlier an hotel in Peloponissos.

My proposal includes a stay (2 days) in Nafplio, a wonderful town in front of the sea. For some informations, look at the site

I suggest the hotels Byron and Kapodistrias I stayed to both of them, are very atmospheric but they donít have any special view (maybe Byron has better than Kapodistrias). The best hotel of Nafplio is Nafplia Palace which has the best view of all. After Nafplio, go via Astros, Kyparissi and Leonidion, to Sparta and Monemvassia. Stay 2-3 days in Monemvassia, in a hotel in a traditional settlement inside the castle (like , Malvasia, Kelia, Lazareto, Ardamis, Byzantino -

Or outside the castle, like Belesis house and explore the area around Mani, where is the famous Dyros cave. Donít miss Mystras in the mount Taygetos (the capital of Greece while Constantinople was under occupation from the Franks of 4th crusade), where there are the ruins of the emperor's palace and an excellent Church and Geraki. Some relative sites: (photos)

Then continue to Kalamata and visit Methoni, Koroni, Pylos, Kyparissia. I donít know any hotel to suggest there, because I never stayed in an hotel there. Your itinerary ends to Olympia, where the ruins of the famous ancient town. If you are interested in the ancient temples, the temples of Apollo in Vasses is not very far. Drive to Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Lagadia, Vytina and Arcadia area on the mountains. They are very beautiful small villages and towns. I propose you to stay 1-2 days to that area. I like very much the village Lagadia, where I always stay in hotel Maniatis Itís not something special, but they have excellent view and very good food.

The route ends to the sea, to the National road Athens- Patras. Avoid Patras. Itís a big town, with nothing special to see. You need about a week to visit in a hurry that areas. Please let me know if you need more informations.

Best Regards from Athens, Joanna