Subject: Re: SAO PAULO Airports - Need Quick Answer!
Dear Candice:

The distance between the two SP airports is about 40km. If I still remember right that´s about 25 miles. However, there is the problem of the SP traffic. You never can tell whether you are going to cover that distance in 40 minutes or maybe hours. Outside of the rush hours a good guess would be about an hour.

There is a helicopter service between the two airports no traffic problems there!

There is a bus service form one airport to the other - door to door. I never took this but I have seen them at Guarulhos Airtport. They look good. There should be a booth within the airport where you buy the tickets.

There are all sorts of taxis - like in any large city. I would take an airport taxi. They have new vehicles with good, attentive drivers. You pay at a booth within the airport - so they are reliable. Sorry I can not say now how much they would cost but it should not be more than 50 dollars. I will try to find the exact amount for you - and write right back.

Kind regards, Susana São Paulo, Brasil