Subject: Re: Heathrow car rental - Thrifty vs Sixt?

This may be a little late, but I was VERY happy with Enterprise too (rented last week - they have indeed moved onto the airport road). In general, I recommend sticking with companies that have offices at the terminal(s). Some require you to take a 'public bus' (there are some that tour the hotels). I don't recall whether it was Thrifty or Budget that made us do this a couple of years ago. Apart from the extra cost (I recall 3 per person - each way) it takes time as the buses only run every 20-30 minutes and follow a circuitous route. Due to this time plus a late arrival, I finally reached the rental office 3+ hours late - and they had cancelled my reservation (they only hold for 2 hours). And the delay (especially on returning) can be very nervewracking if you're running even slightly late.

Alan & Catherine