Subject: Palma de Majorca
Hello Ziners,

A dear friend of mine and my family just contacted us - after about 10 years of absence - from Switzerland where she is leaving now. We were lost her tracks completely and her phone made us to explode of happiness. She told us a sad story : she had cancer but won the battle against it. She wants to meet us in Palma de Majorca where her husband has a small house. So we have to abandon the trip to Mexico and now we are focusing for this trip. Of course we are interested in a package and we have to stay as close as possible from the Palma City, the capital of the island where they will stay.

Can somebody give us some advice please? There are so many resorts and is difficult to choose one. Is it true that this is a very expensive place to spend your vacation? This rumor is intimidating me especially when I heard that all the stars are coming here for holiday.

Thank you very much!

Paul Chatham, Canada