Subject: Re: London

More London tips to add to the wealth already posted.

For something different, fun and fascinating visit Bramah's Museum of Tea and Coffee, 40 Southwark St. London (a couple of minutes walk from London Bridge Station). 'Google' it and you'll get the idea. Great!

Also, despite being pricey (especially in CAD) look for "Royal London In Context. The Independent Traveler's Guide to Royal London" by Robert Wayne (ISBN 0-9720228-8-0). Despite having lived and worked in London, I learned things I'd either forgotten or didn't know. Comes with a 2-CD set - rather like having along your own at-leasure personal guide. Possibly a bit of a money saver in the long-run if you take along the discs instead of paying for a guide etc. Loved the footnote quotes, such as: "Those who imagine a politian would make a better figurehead than a hereditary monarch might perhaps make the aquaintance of more politicians." - Baroness Margaret Thatcher P.M. 1979-1990. The Iron Lady always spoke her mind!

There is also a "Venice in Context" - same deal, same author - for those interested.

Just for fun - the Old Curiosity Shop in Portsmouth St. near Lincoln's Inn Fields. Possibly one of the oldest buildings in that area, certainly a step back into the 1500's. The rest of the "true or false?" history you can decide for yourself!

Cheerio! Ursula