Subject: Re: Palma de Majorca
Hi Paul,

Mallorca does not have a name to be expensive for us Germans, but it of course depends a bit on the location you will stay. Maybe part of the price is also the currency conversion, but I don't know much about your situation with that in Canada.

Palma de Mallorca is quite a nice town imho. And if you can afford to stay in a small hotel e.g. in the older part of the city, I would recommend that. What I would NEVER do is staying at El Arenal and that region. It is near to Palma - but it's one of the most awful tourist ghettos I ever saw. You can stay there for small money, but it is quite ugly there.

Mallorca also has other nice areas NOT on the coast. And if you have a rental car it is possible to stay on a "finca", too. Finca is kind of an old rural building now converted into a rental house, bed&breakfast or hotel.

All things (hotels, rental apartments whatever) will easily be found on the internet, Mallorca is a big tourist destination. I would do that rather on my own. When I was on Mallorca it was cheaper to organise it myself than using an offer of a big company.

Btw - there are other tourist regions (means hotel next to hotel) on Mallorca, mainly on the north and east coast, but they would be more far to drive every day..... (even though they are a bit less like a ghetto than Arenal).

Probably your friend has enough ideas what to do on the island, but just in general - I think this island has a lot to offer. Landscape from beach to mountain (1400 metres high), gorges, sand dunes, humid area ... History goes back thousands of years, you find remains of that. In Sineu there is a rural market once a week (was on Wednesdays when I was there) in the morning which was a nice thing to see. There is much more of course, including a museum where Joan Miró the famous painter worked, just on the edge of Palma.

The things which interest also the not-so-experienced tourists (like the market in Sineu) - better visit it in the early morning. I was there at 8am and had a great chance to stroll around. When I left 1,5 hours later the first tourist busses arrived... ;)

hth a bit.... Baerbel, near Stuttgart