Subject: Paris report
Hi Ziners, Just a few comments about our recent trip to Paris with our 15 month old grandson -

First, we had a fabulous time. Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming and quite patient with our oh so limited ability to speak French. The hotel put aside space in the refrigerator for milk and anything else we might need to keep cold. There were plenty of markets and places to get milk and other supplies. Our favorite was Champion. It was well located for us and, as supermarkets in Paris go, quite large. Their store brand of cookies and chocolate can be highly recommended!

Mom and Dad decided to take the large stroller and that worked well for the hours and hours and hours we walked. One trip on the metro was enough to take us right back to walking. There are a lot of parks and playgrounds. We found many of them along the way and made two trips to the one in Luxembourg Gardens. It felt a bit strange to pay for a playground but it was a great one. GS also really liked carousels and there were quite a few of those.

Although we ate early and in fairly casual places, we never saw another young child in a restaurant. There were few children of any age. There are no high chairs or booster seats. GS ate in his stroller and it was frequently tricky to find a place for it. I still have not become comfortable with the close quarters in eating places in Paris. Eventually, we figured out that you just do have to pull the table out so you can get in. After a few very long dinners, we changed tactics. GS ate in the room and was put to sleep. Adults gathered take out and we ate in our room. This was a boon to the budget as well as to GS's schedule. The variety of cuisines within a few blocks of our hotel was just amazing.

The best thing is that we know we have to go back though it will probably have to be without GS next time. There are so many things that we did not get to do. The D'Orsay was closed due to a general strike the day we went there. The tiptop of the Eiffel Tower was closed.

Thanks to all whose advice and information helped make our trip so terrific,

Janet Riverview, Florida