Subject: Re: last minute France recommendations
Hi, Charles -

Sounds as if you have an ambitious trip planned. Here are a couple of ideas for the south...

From Nice, it's easy to get to Villefranche-sur-Mer. I would take the bus, which drops you off in the main part of the modern town, but not far from the Vieille Ville, which is full of small restaurants, bakeries and interesting shops, all tucked into covered passageways and narrow streets. Definitely worth a look. It's been some time since I was there, so I can't recommend specific restaurants - however, there are a couple down on the beach that used to be quite good.

In Nice, there are also many interesting restaurants tucked into the old city, around the flower & vegetable market. The market itself is worth exploring - take time for a coffee and croissant at one of the cafes, and just watch the people.

One other favorite place is the Ephrussi-Rothschild museum, a former villa on top of Cap Ferrat. Not only is it filled with beautiful objects, but there are good walks in its extensive grounds, and the coffee shop serves an excellent light lunch or dessert.

Julie in Seattle