Subject: Coastal areas of Portugal
Hello Ziners,

It is with great delight that I have found this resource. I am afraid after reading my travel books several times; I am still in need of recommendations. I will travel to Portugal for three weeks in late May with my 16 year old daughter. We love history, art and regional food. During our trips we always enjoy a few mindless days at the beach.

I have become intrigued with the Alentejo area, and perhaps the beaches at Zambujeira do Mar. Since we are traveling by bus (4 hrs), I am wondering if there are some lovely beach areas 2-3 hours north of Lisbon. Questioning if we should travel so far south. We fell in love with a beach town last summer in Italy (Santa Margarita, Italy) and are looking for something similar.

I do not like to spend too many days moving from one place to the other and must rely on public transportation (fearful of driving in another country). We prefer to settle in for 3-5 days at each place, currently we are looking at visiting; Coimbra or Porto, Lisbon and Evora + the beach.

I look forward to your insight regarding coastal areas of Portugal.