Subject: Re: Coastal areas of Portugal
Hi Julie,

My husband, two daughters and I spent two weeks in Portugal, had absolutely no trouble driving a rent car but I understand if you are reluctant to do so.

My husband and I spent a week driving from Lisbon to Porto. It was beautiful but it was basically the "wine touring" portion of our trip. We picked up our daughters in Lisbon and went south for the second week in the Algarve area. We stayed in one place in a condo in Albufeira and drove out on great day trips. Our daughters loved it all around there. There is the beach, horseback riding, etc. but I don't know about the use of public transportation.

Prior to the condo, we stayed in Portugal Pousadas and they were wonderful, each one unique and historical, converted monestaries, old castles, historic buildings all converted by the government into "hotels". Not cheap but worth every penny for the experiences we had, each one with a wonderful restaurant. You can google Portugal Pousadas and I bet it will give you any info you need. I found and did all of our reservations on the internet and never had a problem. You will absolutely love Portugal, the people are so friendly and helpful and the country is beautiful.

Regards, Loeta from New Mexico

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