Subject: Need Athens advice
Hi, Ziners, We're going to Greece Mar 28. (Our first trip there except for a cruise ship stop in Corfu that hardly counts.) We'll be staying 3 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Kalambaka (Meteora), 2 nights in Archova (Delphi), and 7 nights on a small ship cruising and exploring the Cyclades. This part is set. In Athens, we have 2 1/2 days after our flight arrives. We had planned on spending this time on the Acropolis, at the National Archaeological Museum (our 2 priorities), and the rest of the time visiting the Agora, markets, possibly other museums,etc. Then I read about a Hop In full-day trip from Athens that goes to Corinth, Mycenae, and Epidarus, and I'm tempted by this, too. So, all of you with Greece experience--what's your advice? Stay and enjoy Athens at a somewhat leisurely pace or also see some of the Mycenae area? Thanks! Angie--in Kansas