Subject: Re: Portugal Recommendations?
Hi, Richard.

In Lisbon, I recomend "Bica do Sapato" a very good restaurant. Rather fancy, upper-class restaurant. Well, to be honest, I prefer "tascas", a sort of low-class restaurants where you will eat very well, at very reasonable prices. But most people don't like tascas.

If you want a night of fado, then you sould go to Bairro Alto, a neighbourhood in Lisbon where you'll find many fado restaurants. The most famous is the "Luso" restaurant.

In ╔vora, "Fialho" and "Moinho do C˙ Torto" are among the very best, the first being rather expensive, but worth the money. "Migas de espargos com carne de porco" and "Pezinhos de porco de coentrada" , are among their specialties.

In Lagos, near the marina, you'll find "Taverna da Marina", the only restaurant I know in Lagos. I enjoyed in particular their "Bacalhau Ó Lagareiro", a specialty of cod, in which several slices of cod are placed over a bed of onions and Olive oil (loads of both) and then cooked in the oven. It is usually served with potates, that are just smashed and salted and equally cooked in the oven.

We have at least 2 Ziners in Lisbon, so we can schedule a GTG.

Bye Rui from Lisbon