Subject: Re: Buenos Aires - Tango
Dear Susie,

My wife and I visited Buenos Aires in 2000. I know it has been quite a few years ago, but we loved the Tango performance in the city called "Senor Tango" (Tel: 4303-0231). I do not know the address, but if you call the phone number above they will fill you in.

We are tangueros (people who love dancing Tango), so we also went to plenty of Tango social dances (milongas). In case you are interested, try "Confiteria Ideal" (tel:4326-0521) It is open afternoons daily, where one can dance and get some group lessons or even just watch while having a coffee, pastry or a snack. Very old establishment, was a little neglected when we visited, but with character and charm. Since it was declared a National Historic place (or something to that effect) it was renovated.

Hope you have a great time. Reuven, New York