Subject: Re: Portugal Recommendations?
Hi Richard,

About fado I recommend you to read the Don Cohen“s site in where you will find some information about fado written by a specialist. Here is part of a post from Don about places to see fado. Don is a ziner and I already met him in Lisbon last year.

" A couple of the fine clubs are Senhor Vinho , Parrerinha de Alfama, these two are excellent, with good food. Another fine one is Joćo da Praēa.

Another two, more local, but still recommended to me, although I haven't visited them for a long time, are Embucado and Meio Tostćo. If you have little time, the first two are the best. Do go late, i.e. after nine or ten p.m."

Some other good restautants in Lisbon are "As Velhas" and "Galito".

Best regards, Joćo in Lisbon