Subject: Re: Egypt and Israel any Recommendations?
Hi Andres,

We have several Ziners in Israel so I'll let them give you info on traveling there. They were very helpful with planning & when I was there last fall.

In Egypt, I'd recommend contacting Jane Akshar - UK co-owner of She has an apartment building in Luxor on the west bank in the small village of El Gizera. She is English but married into a large Egyptian family. They do inexpensive, individual tours to all the well-known & less-well known tourist sites as well as letting you get to know the locals. The flats are very cheap by our standards, but really beautiful & luxurous. I would definitely recommend emailing Jane & tell her I gave you her name. We were there in early Nov. & plan to go back again.

Enjoy both countries. The people are warm & friendly & of course, the sites are magnificent.

Carol Bailey just back from Ireland & it's spring here in N. Idaho