Subject: Egypt and Israel any Recommendations?
Shalom Andres-

You have already received several posts about your trip to Israel and I think that Alex has laid out a reasonable plan for you to follow. If you review a guide book about Jerusalem it will give you a list of museums and highlight some of the historical and archeological sites. This would be a good place to start.

May I also suggest that you read a brief history about what is now called Israel. When you visit here you will be faced with three thousand years of history and a land that has been occupied by many nationalities, each of which has left its mark on the country.

As you gather more information and as a result, have more questions, Alex, Debbie and I, all Jerusalemites will try to answer them for you.

When you plan your itinerary, please remember that Friday afternoon to Saturday night is very quiet in Jerusalem since it is the Jewish sabbath and you will want to take this into account when organizing these two days.

Bettina Jerusalem