Subject: Re: Istanbul to Jerusalem
Hi, Penny,

The train from Istanbul to Jerusalem does not exist now. I think that it was before 1948, but now the part of the path should follow through Lebanon - which is unfortunately impossible right now.

The only possible way is see and air. By air you can use El-Al and Turkish Airlines. Both of this companies have a few flights a day, I suppose. Also, there are a lot of charter flights between both. So, it's no a problem at all to get to Israel from Turkey. It can be even right historically, because the Osman empire possessed all of Israel for about 400 years and the walls of present old Jerusalem were built by Turks.

Now, I also hope that the bells of peace will allow you to see more than could see tourists in last 4.5 years, because West Banks have their own charms and interesting sites - not only Bet-Lehem.

So, welcome (bruhim ha-baim) to Israel.

Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel