Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Dear Susie -

You sure like to walk!!! And there is a lot of walking that can be done in Patagonia. Take your cameras - there are some really beautiful places. I have never gone there but my daughter and son in law are Patagonia´s biggest fans.

Now, Buenos Aires - that is something else. Restaurants - Very Argentinian with good food and no tourists: Rabelais - French-Argentinian food - Libertad 1319 La Cabaņa - Traditional Argentinian place for meat -sumptuous steaks - in new location and new owner but the same food - Rodriguez Peņa 1967. Sottovoce - International food with a great Argentinian touch - Libertador 1098.

In all these places they have excellent Argentinian wines.

There are several very good restaurants along La Recoleta - in the heart of the best "people watching" in B.A. All the streets around there are the most elegant in B.A. : Quintana, Vicente Lopez, Arenales, Av. Alvear, etc. etc. etc.

In Av. Alvear there is the Alvear Palace Hotel. It is large and has been for ages the best Argentinian hotel - long before the Hiltons, Hyatts and the like appeared in B.A. I know you asked for small hotels and this one is large but it is wonderful and it is in the heart of "the beautiful B.A.".

There is a small hotel where I have stayed several times, the Park Plaza, at Parera 183. This is a small street , just two blocks, in the nicest area to walk around and feel the elegant B.A. It is a Kempinski hotel - ( ) Rooms are smallish so the larger suites are better.

Do not miss Patio Bullrich - it is the quintessental "elegant Porteņo" shopping place. Small with the nicest shops. (Porteņo: a resident of the city of Buenos Aires.)

Most museums are at quite a distance from each other. Ask for a map at the hotel and make them mark the museums. There is a very good one of Latin-American Art - it is either in Av. Libertador or Av.Figueroa Alcorta. It has a great permanent collection and the temporary exhibits are really good.

I usually go to all these places automatically without thinking about addresses and exact names. Sorry. Next time I will buy a Buenos Aires guidebook so that I can give the correct info.!!!

Kind regards, Susana São Paulo, Brasil