Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Susie -

You are going in our summer to donīt worry about dressing up. In winter porteņos dress up much more - quite like New York. Casual sport clothes should be fine - however, no bermudas or the like. I donīt know about a tie for men - when we go out the men are always in suits and ties! (And we seldom go in summer) However, I think sport jacket and slacks and no tie would be all right. The three restaurants I mentioned are more "serious" places but in other restaurants there is certainly no need for coat and tie. The restaurants along the Recoleta are very good and also very sportish.

I just remembered - some years ago I went with my youngest son to dinner at the Plaza Grill. We had been out all day and so he was wearing slacks and sport shirt, no tie. As we entered the maitrę dīhotel came over to talk to him. My son went with him and came back in a coat and tie!!! They had them specially for such occassions!!!!!!!!! But things do change!!!!!!!!!

In Buenos Aires there are an infinite number of very good restaurants. The three I mentioned, I went to last time - in June. And I liked them. The La Cabaņa had been closed for a few years - it was almost a century old place. And on this last trip we found it in its new location. It is really very nice.

Hopes this helps. Susana São Paulo, Brasil