Subject: Travelling during religious festivals and holidays
Hi Ziners,

With Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, Carnival, Easter and Spring Break upon us or coming soon!!!, maybe Ziners could share any tips or tricks or special experiences they have had when travelling during these times?

My parents had difficulty booking accommodation in Italy last year during Easter as they only wanted to book a single night in Siena, and most places wanted a minimum of 2 nights during Easter.

But a friend of a friend went to Rome a few years ago with the sole intent of braving the crowds and receiving the blessing from the Pope over Easter.

And during my reading for travelling in Egypt, many travellers note that while it can be a bit harder than usual to find restaurants and food service during the day during Ramadan, the experience of sharing the meal with locals after sundown was not to be missed.

Anyone have other religious festival or holiday travel tales to share? :) Megan Brisbane, Australia