Subject: Last minute to Buenos Aires, and GTG
Queridos Zineros,

Two of us will be in Buenos Aires the last week of February. Yes there is the possibility of a GTG. I think it will probably be best to contact me via private email, since our trip actually begins in a couple of days.

Most importantly, I'd like to ask if someone can recommend a good local travel agency in B.A, to organize a flight and hotel to the Iguazu Falls, for the week of February 21st. Because we are doing this last minute, I've had no luck with the usual agencies recommended by our other Ziners. Wow.argentina wasn't available to help us, and I believe Graziella advised using , whom I could not reach.

Any other recommendations for a travel agency in Buenos Aires, that I could either contact from the States, or once down in Argentina?

Thanks, Joel, in Chicago