Subject: Suggestions for Baltic Cruise ports of call
Hi Ziners, I'll be taking a Baltic Cruise on Holland America leaving Copenhagen on June 20th. Thanks to Ziners' suggestions, I was able to find a good hotel for our pre-cruise Copenhagen visit. Now I need some advice on ports of call. I am about to book some excursions from the many available and, to narrow down my choices, I'm hoping Ziners can offer advice.

We'll be in St. Petersburg for two days and I have done enough research on this city to decide which tours to take. However, I need advice for Talinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Visby, Sweden; Warnemunde, Germany; and Arhus, Denmark. Regarding Warnemunde, there is an option to visit Berlin, which I would really like to see, but will the bulk of the day be spent getting to the city and back?

Historic sites, art galleries and museums are at the top of our list. Some shopping in between would also be fun.

Ziners, what are the "must-see" places in these towns? Restaruant suggestions for lunches would also be appreciated.

Thanks for your help. Lucy, Toronto