Subject: Re: Suggestions for Baltic Cruise ports of call
Hi Lucy,

checked Autoroute for the distance between Warnemünde and Berlin - it says, 2 hours 20 minutes for a car (!). Not sure if that would leave much time IN Berlin.

Do you consider renting a car? You could do a nice day on the beach e.g. - very near to Warnemünde there are nice areas. Another option could be Güstrow with a nice renaissance castle and two wonderful museums of the artist Ernst Barlach.

If you opt for a day on your own by car I bet there would be more ideas....

Concerning Stockholm. Well - a LOT of things to do there. You can spend a whole day at Skansen, great outdoor museum. There is the Stadshuset where the nobel prizes are given. A 400 year old ship which was found in the waters near Stockholm late in the 20th century and is wonderfully restored. And not to forget - a very nice old part of the town where I found a nice shop who sells christmas decoration all year thru - and other crafted things. And those are only the highlights for me.

hth Baerbel (near Stuttgart)