Subject: London and Giverny
Hello fellow Ziners,

I am traveling to London and Paris for three weeks in April and May. Right now I only have one specific question about London. However, because it has been 43 years since I have been there, I imagine more will come up. The one question is do any of you have a recommended website or other type of connection to find out about theater offerings in London and possibly to order tickets. I have found two, but certainly am open to suggestions.

The other question involves visiting Monet's garden. I did this on a full day tour in 2001 that included a visit to Van Gogh's grave. This trip I am traveling with a friend who is nearing 80, and have promised to make sure she gets to Giverny. She is fairly spry, but I know the walking in the first town on the full day tour would be a bit much for her. I also know that Cityrama offers a half-day tour to Monet's home and garden. I wonder if anyone has taken this tour. I have always been happy with Cityrama, but the whole day tour I mentioned above left a bit of a rush for the garden and home if I wanted to spend some time in the shop.

If anyone has taken this half day tour, I would appreciate any input about it, including one offered by another company. I have done some research about traveling there by train on our own so I know we would take the train to Vernon and then a bus. Again if anybody has done this, I would appreciate input. Would this type of venture take up a whole day?

The third idea would be to hire a private driver to take us there and give us several hours at the site. However, I am not familiar with this kind of arrangement in Paris though I have done it a couple of places in Italy. Any insight here would also be very appreciated.

Thanks so much. Joan in Illinois