Subject: Re: Getting to Palermo, Italy
Hi Paul,

You didn't say what time of year you were planning the trip from Seattle to Palermo. I did a quick check of Travelocity & found mid-summer Alitalia fare of less than $300 from Heathrow to Palermo! Go figure! But mid-summer fares Seattle to London aren't cheap right now but there may be a sale & you should keep watching if that's when you need to go. You might try flying Seattle to Paris or Frankfurt or Amsterdam or even Milan & connecting from there. Rome is usually an expensive city to fly into & you said that the connecting flight was very expensive. I definitely wouldn't plan on making a connection from an international flight to a domestic one in 45 minutes. Too many things can go wrong......slow lines thro passport control, late luggage, plane getting in late, etc.

Carol Bailey spring, sunny & still mud season in N. Idaho