Subject: Re: Info on Dusseldorf, Germany
Hi Joanna,

Anne had a great idea about staying in Cologne. I've stayed several times at Brandenburger Hof which is a short 2 blks from the Cologne main train station. It's a nice B & B hotel with a choice of ensuite rooms or bathroom & shower down the hall. I think I paid about 80 Euros a couple years ago. It's a nice, short walk to the Cologne cathedral & along the promenade by the Rhine. There are many restaurants close by & you can take a ferry ride on the Rhine if you have time. I don't remember when you're going to be in Germany but if you do a Google search for Brandenburger Hof, Cologne, DE, you'll find info on booking the hotel. It's a popular one with business travelers & tourists, as well. Same family has operated it for years.

Carol Bailey