Subject: Re: Suggestions for Baltic Cruise ports of call
Dear Lucy,

We spent a day in Helsinki in 1998. There are tour buses that take you to the church in the rock, the Sibelius Memorial, Senate Square and past an Olympic venue. The tour lasted 2-3 hours. We then visited the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, the Lutheran Church and a central market place. We found a long line at a stand serving fish and potatoes from a wok type pan about 6 foot across. We jumped in without knowing what was being served but figured the long line was a good recommendation. One plate of food was enough for two and delicious. For dessert we picked up some fresh fruit from another stand. We wandered through the main shopping district and had "tea" at Kappeli's. Sibelius supposedly frequented this establishment. The food wasn't remarkable but the location, the outdoor seating and the people watching made for a memorable time. We were too tired to do much more sightseeing but this opportunity brought the sights to us.

Barbara in CT