Subject: Re: Dinner in Paris
Hi Lucy et. al.

I did a little investigating to aid you in your search for a "good quality restaurant" for dinner in Paris, and I've narrowed it down to about 6 that fit the bill for you. We are planning a trip to Paris & Provence beginning in late May, so I have been in the "research" mode lately (almost compulsive, really!) We are looking at more budget or mid-range choices than yours, but I can tell you that JoŽl Robuchon's L'Atelier is pretty highly regarded on the Cityvox site and elsewhere. I am trying to come to grips with the dilemma of 6 nights in Paris, and about 40 really good restaurants on my "short" list. I'll be eager to hear your trip report when you return.

Here is the link and description of L'Atelier de JoŽl Robuchon from It is also a favourite of Patricia Wells, and here is her IHT review from last year :

Here is the link and description of the restaurant Le Pergolese which Felice recommended

There seems to be a wine/cigar bar/ bistro next door, which is probably associated with the "mother" restaurant. Here is the link

A couple of other restaurants near your location that are highly regarded by Cityvox folks are:

Apicius - 20, Rue d'Artois - 75008 L'Astrance - 4, Rue Beethoven - 75016

Chiberta is a really appealing restaurant near your hotel. Here is Patricia Well's review from the Sept. 24, 2004 IHT. You may want to look at other restaurant reviews on her site. (BTW, I just ordered her The Provence Cookbook. It looks fabulous!) :

And here is the very favourable cityvox review of Chiberta

Have a great trip Lucy! Kevin Fredericton, New Brunswick