Subject: Re: Travel in Umbria
Diana, I can't comment on public transportation because we usually rent a car when in Italy. However, I can comment on some of your destinations.

You haven't said how long you will be staying, whether you are willing to uproot yourselves and stay in different towns or whether you have previously been in any of the places you mention. Perugia would be a good point to explore the northern towns and cities of Umbria but of course it is much larger than Assisi. Assisi provides a more cocooned feel because of its size and location.

Spoleto is one of our personal favourites. It's lovely and quiet with a spectacular view of the hills around. If you want to "blow the budget" stay in Hotel Gattapone overlooking the aquaduct and hills. It has 15 rooms.

We were in Gubbio the night before the Palio a few years ago and were lucky to find a room - in a renovated Ducal Palace no less! So I expect the town is quite crowded during the Palio. We watched some rehearsals in the town square when we arrived but had to leave town by 7:30 on the morning of the start of the festival because all the streets are blocked off to vehicular traffic. Lucy, Toronto