Subject: India in April
Hello Ziners-

I am looking for information for my upcoming trip to India. I have my tickets already and I have to fly in and out of Bombay (Mumbai). I am leaving March 28 and returning back on April 19. I am meeting up with a dear friend who is doing some volunteer work in Pune. She will be completing her work a few days after I arrive. Of course, everything I read suggests that we can't go to India without doing the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - I believe) but everything my friend is finding out is that it will be incredibly hot and humid at that time. I've looked into the TZine archives and I've found lots of useful information, but I guess I'm looking for someone who really knows about the heat issue! Do we still have some Ziners who live in India out there? We want to determine our itinerary within the next few weeks and decide on taking the train or inter-India flights. Both of us are fairly well traveled... but, mostly throughout Europe. We're doing our best to educate ourselves, but I would like to hear from anyone who has been to India and could give me some tips on traveling within it while it being so hot and humid. We also have the option of hiring a driver/guide as well, which we will probably do sporadically througout our journey. We have 3 weeks to spend and I am very excited for this new adventure! This is the first time I have requested help, so I appreciate any and all input. Thank you Ziners!

Jenni in Chicago