Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Hi Susie -

What a responsibility!!!! I do hope you like the Park Plaza!! One thing I have to mention - when you arrive tell them you want a room away from the elevators. Reason for this is that last time I was there it was for a couple of days with my sister-in-law . They gave us a very nice room - right off the elevators. The first night she could not sleep from the noise the elevators made as they stopped at the different levels. I use hearing aids (take them off when going to sleep) and when I take them off my hearing is very poor - so I had no problem but she was furious! They gave her an upgrade for the next time she went there!!! She goes to B.A. about every other month. Actually they must have corrected the problem by now!

Tipping - Yes, tipping is expected in Argentina, and more so in Buenos Aires. Usually for porters and the like we give about a dollar per bag or round it up a little above that. For taxis - about 10% or "keep the change". In restaurants it is between 10 and 15% - depends on the place and service. If it is veeeeery special it might get to 20%. I have never used a guide in B.A. either private or not, so I donīt really know. But I should guess that if it is a guide for several hours about 10 dollars should do - depends on the kind of places they would take you to.

Your trip is going to be great! Kind regards, Susana