Subject: Questions about digital photos
Hi Ziner Digital photo buffs,

How do you handle the issue of full memory cards when traveling abroad on a 3 week trip? Do you just bring a lot of memory cards with you? Or is there a way to upload them at one of those internet "cafe" places to a photosite back home? I know that some of you stop in and use these places to check your email and send messages, but I have never been to one. My camera has an upload USB cable. Can that be used?

I didn't want to haul my laptop and card reader around with me and then upload from a hotel connection because I'm trying to travel lighter. If I do need to carry a lot of SDcards at least they are very tiny and weigh almost nothing. Also, is it best to carry them in my pocket to avoid the X-ray machines at the airports?

I'm especially interested in the situation in Spain and Portugal. Thank you for any information that you are able to share.

Barbara, in Wine Country