Subject: Re: Questions about digital photos
Hi Barbara,

How to deal with this kind of situation, depends among other things on where you travel. In many countries the photography shops have a facility to read your memory card and burn it into a CD or DVD. This is probably you best bet.

My camera is an old Sony (2.5 years...) with maximum memory stick size of 128Mb. When my wife and I went to Thailand and Cambodia, I took three cards (for a total of 384Mb) and use 2 Mega pixel resolution only. From time to time I deleted obviously bad pictures.

Ultimately we had close to 600 pictures.Still, it is not the best solution. Ideally I would like to get a camera that uses Secure Digital format, get a 1 Gb card, and take pictures in between 2 and 4 Mega pixels. I find that in most of the cases it's a good resolution. In any case, do not use the digital zoom. Have a great trip,

Reuven, New York.