Subject: Re: Questions about digital photos
Hi, Barbara and other ziners.

In answer to your question about how to handle the issue of full memory cards, it's easy to take care of if you don't mind packing a portable digital photo CD copier and some blank recordable CDs with you. My son gave one to me before I went on the 15-day Hawaii cruise in December, and it worked great. He knew I wanted to take lots of video, which fills up even a 512 card quickly, so that's why he gave me one. I also take lots of photos, so each evening I downloaded my 512 card onto a blank disc. It was quick and easy. It says on the box that it copies the equivalent of twenty 32MB memory cards to one 700MB CD.

The one he gave me is called a Digital Photos Copy Cruiser, and it's from Alera Technologies

Diana San Diego, California