Subject: Re: India in April

The best times to visit India are February and October, based on the heat and the monsoons. Since you already have your plane tickets for March/April, I would suggest that to deal with the heat, you consider the following: get higher- end hotels so you are not only in an "oasis of calm," but that your creature comforts are well tended to. BTW, they also provide at nominal cost such niceties as a $5 pedicure or facial (at least at the Taj Hotel group). I would also suggest that you have a guide/driver, one who will meet you at the airport, handle all airport and train transfers and tend to all your other driving and guiding needs. India has so much to offer and if you spend a little extra for the comfort, you will be a happier traveler there. Regardless of the time of the year you visit India, I would suggest the same things as above.

Joan Peterson, Madison, WI