Subject: Re: Kyoto, Japan
Hi Debbie, While staying in a farmhouse B&B outside of Kyoto, we went to Hiyoshi Hot Springs and it was very modern. But - we've been in a range of hotsprings (as well as mudbaths) in Japan - many of them centuries old, and they've all had their own charms. It took me a bit of time to strip away the modesty ingrained in my western upbringing and get used to bathing totally nude in front of strangers (at least they are all of the same sex) and I still remember my teenage daughter's utter horror when she realized that she was going to have to be nude in front of her mother - let alone strangers!! She made that teeny tiny towel that they give you stretch farther than any has ever stretched before :) Finally, however, I think she realized that no one ever really looks at anyone else... the women are so comfortable with each other and they are just there to soak up the minerals and enjoy the heat.

It's an experience not to be missed - I recommend it highly! Cheers! Judy in HK